The 8 Steps to Success

The following details the “8-Steps to Success” that Architectural Entertainment employs on each of our custom systems.

The initial consultation with you will define your wants, needs and objectives. We go over your floor plans, room by room, so that we can better lay out the different systems. If we are dealing with an existing structure, an on-site walk through is in order. From this meeting we will draft a scope of work factoring in your budget and system requirements.

Design & Proposal
After the scope of work has been defined, we progress to a contracted design phase. Here we will design your system and generate a custom proposal that will detail the products, pricing and labor.

Engineering Schematics
After agreeing to the design and proposal, we will engineer your system. All the equipment connections are mapped out and rack diagrams are produced in order for our technicians to successfully assemble all the equipment. We will provide you with a hard-copy record of your system.

Rough-in Wiring
This phase is done after the electrician has nearly finished wiring. All the necessary wiring for speakers, keypads, touch-screens, phone, data, television, security and more are installed throughout the home. All of this is based on the custom plan developed in the earlier steps.

Equipment Procurement
The systems we design are custom, so we order equipment for each project individually. This phase can sometimes take up to 30 days depending on manufacturer lead times, so be patient - it's worth it.

Assembly, Testing, Burn In & Programming
After your equipment arrives in our facility, we will "rack the gear", which includes assembly into equipment racks and install interconnects. Your system will also be programmed, tested and burned in to ensure it is operational before it is installed in you home. This is a critical step in the process that takes time - all in our house, not yours!

After your home has been sheet rocked and painted, we install the trim plates, speakers, in-wall touchpanels, distribution panels; finishing up the things that go in the walls.

Final Installation
During the final installation phase, we will bring your racked equipment, table top touchpanels, free standing speakers, televisions, acoustic treatments, to your home. Final testing will be done which includes the integrated systems like HVAC, pumps, sprinklers, and motorized shades. Client is trained and educated on system usage.